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Welcome to the Electrician for Handy-Men/-Women

The House Connection Box

The House Connection Box

Here the electrical installation of the house and

low voltage distribution network are connected.

Handy-Men/-Women and the electrical installation

Founded by an highly motivated handyman, Heimelektrik Spata has got the target to enable handy-men/-women as far as possible to realize the electrical installation of their house on their own.

That is not that easy and for this a confiding and sindere collaboration of handy-men/-women and the electrician is required. Only if handy-men/-women knows their working area in detail they will be capable of working safely.

In Germany there are regulations in place (e.g. the "Niederspannungsanschlussverordnung (NAV)") which require tha only a network-operator-registered electrician is allowed to work on the electrical installation, because only such an electrican has the capability to ensure that the elctrical installation can be operated safely, reliably and without negative feedback on the distribution network. At the end of each project an electrician has to be responsible for the functionality and safety of the electrical installation.

However, It is worth the effort for all, who:

Like in other fields of handy-men/-women have to pay with sweat, time, patience and (a little bit) of material. However, in the end they receive a reqult with personality and the planned functionality.

You will get support for your electrical installation and answers for your questions related to the electrical installation. Give it a trial and contact us.

Acknowledgements to all Electricians

Unfortunately, in our country the work of the elctricians are underestimated.

Many thanks to all people:

In short: Many thanks to all people who do the job that electricity can do plenty of tasks without having someone noticed it.